Friday, May 27, 2011

week 21 - 5/28/11

One of the bigger alligator snappers we've seen this year.

Sorry there are so many cat pictures this week. We didn't do very much that was exciting and the kids were all sick so we didn't go anywhere fun either, unless you count the doctor's office.

The picks from the garden on Friday. We've already picked a bag of peas, but we ate them already.

Friday, May 20, 2011

week 20 - 5/21/11

C in his hospital gown. So brave.

Happy birthday!

Wearing my shoes.

They're playing Super Hero Memory.

Got the camera!

C got a Bat Man costume with the gift card Grandma and Grandpa sent. He's THRILLED!

Bat Man and Iron Man

They've been playing dress up a lot lately. We also have an Iron Man2 and an Optimus Prime. They are loving the pretend play!

Monday, May 16, 2011

week 19 - 5/14/11

A lunar moth we saw on our back porch. It was HUGE.

Little Purple Riding Hood

C opening his birthday present from Aunt Danelle and family. ALL the kids loved it, but C has carried that hammer around for days - he even sleeps with it. lol

At their end of year program. We were not too close, so the pics are not good.

O's in the stripes

C with his teacher.

D's school did heart shaped cakes for Mother's Day and the kids got to decorate them. With the power out, they postponed till this last Friday.

I'm busy, leave me alone!

Yes, that's cake on her foot.